Australian Airport Package

This project intends to populate many Australian airports with scenery objects - with a desire of bringing life to this beautiful country within FlightGear Flight Simulator. This package requires the Australian Regional Materials and Australian Scenery Package available below - with many, many thanks to frtps for his many months of hard work on these projects. This package is currently incompatible with Merspieler's OSM2City for Sydney - instead, OSM2City coverage for Sydney is available with many thanks to IskenderWang.

Download AAP    Download Sydney OSM2City

Australian Scenery Project

Started by frtps, the Australian Scenery Project uses high quality landcover and heightmap data to improve the realism of Australian terrain within FlightGear.
The entirety of Australia is available as a single 19GB download, hosted by Merspieler.

Smaller test versions of select regions are also available below:

Download Australia    Download Border Ranges    Download Sydney

Australian Regional Materials

The Australian Regional Materials created by frtps are required for the above scenery to display correctly, as they contain custom textures and texture definitions.
Create a backup copy of your materials.xml located in FGDATA/Materials/regions prior to installation!
From the downloaded archive move the folders within the textures folder to the FGDATA/Textures directory.
Then copy the files within the regions folder to FGDATA/Materials/regions.
Please note that in versions of FlightGear more recent than August 2021, this package may no longer be required. Your mileage may vary.